Mosart Marbles


A dynamic cell working in perfect synergy

Mosart prides itself with a team of more than 1500 employees, whose devotion and diligence have firmly built the company’s foundation.

From professional engineers assisting contractors/clients in bringing their ideas to life, talented draftsmen recreating the most intricate designs, to manufacturing experts and highly-skilled craftsmen, our team respects the highest detail of technical and aesthetic requirements that this industry demands.

Just like a mosaic work of art, each individual is vital, and adds to the bigger picture.

A culture of constant improvement

Embracing a culture of constant improvement and innovation, Mosart is committed to develop a workforce that skillfully adapts to the changing and challenging demands of this industry.

Through diverse apprenticeship programs, yearly assessments and audits, International Accounting Standards trainings, Enterprise Resource Planning software, and HRSD data modules, Mosart continues to raise the standards of performance, craftsmanship and efficiency.